Black Rhodium Gold Plated Z Plug


Коннектор Банана (Banana) Black Rhodium Gold Plated Z Plug — Black-Red (1 штука)

  • Our brand new high quality connector ideal for terminating our new range of speaker cables
    • Lightweight
    • Two screw connection for added reliability
    • High quality gold plating for superior conductivity and protection from the external environment
    • You can use this connector with cables from 3.5sq. mm. to 5 sq. mm
    • Ideal for connecting Twist, Twirl, Tango 1.2mm and Salsa 1.2mm

Бренд Black Rhodium

Кабель произведен в Великобритании

сайт производителя

Адрес производителя Derwent Business Centre, Clarke St, Derby DE1 2BU,


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